Battle at Blaise Obstacle Course Run: what to expect!

With the excitement building for Battle at Blaise, our upcoming obstacle/trail running bonanza, set to take place on 5th November at Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol, we thought we'd delve into one of the events on offer. Alongside the 6k & 10k trail runs, here's what to expect from the 7k primal obstacle course run!

1) Primal X Obstacle Zones!

As you know, we love that primal style of functional fitness but we also love obstacles, so we thought to ourselves...why not combine the two! So along the 7k route, when you're not on those tasty trails, you'll also encounter various Primal X Obstacle Zones: a series of back to back challenges combining functional movements and a variety of obstacles. Double the challenge, double the fun, am I right?!

For example, you might have to carry then climb, you might have to perform a tyre pull before pulling yourself over a wall and even swing from an obstacle before swinging a sledgehammer! Sound awesome? It certainly is and we can't wait for you to give it a go!

You can check out the full course route here

2) It won't be (much) like Superhuman Stadium OCR!

For Blaise, think more trails and less stadium steps, more obstacles and slightly less of an all-out functional fitness fiesta compared to Superhuman Stadium OCR! Now that's not to say that Blaise won't have its fair share of bear crawls, it certainly will, but we're also stepping up our obstacle game!

We're currently hard at work trialling some fun new obstacles to unveil at Blaise. Expect the classics but also some spicy new additions that will have you channelling your inner Tarzan & Jane!

3) An Awesome & Supportive Environment!

Take on the OCR your way, whether that be individually, with friends or with family! We're super-excited to already have a large number of groups set to take on the course together, whether that be in the form of gyms, bootcamps, friends from work, run clubs, families and more! Safe to say, the atmosphere is going to be epic!

The event is of course about challenging yourself but it's also about enjoying the unique sense of camaraderie that you'll get from completing something alongside others!

So if you're still not sure about whether to enter individually...why not get a group of friends together and take on the challenge as a team instead!

Find out more about Battle at Blaise here!

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