Superhuman Games


Superhuman Games

SHG has become one of the biggest 'Functional Fitness & Endurance' events of its kind in Europe with competitors travelling from all over the world to take part. 

"I took part in the 2018 games and as well as being one of the toughest events I've ever done, it was also the most fun. Organised by great team and great competitors with a great atmosphere all day!" 

Paul West

"The atmosphere is absolutely electric" 

James Dey

"What a fantastic competition to end the year on. Tough, but great workouts. Fab judges and a very friendly set of competitors" 

Colin Clark

"Cannot rate these guys enough. Done a few events now and they are faultless" 

Lu Emily 

"My first ever SHG and I absolutely loved it. Exceptional organisation, the events were really challenging which has left my body in bits. There was a very friendly encouraging vibe all day from staff, judges and competitors. I will 100% be back to take this event in next year" 

Matt Price

"Fantastic event. Made Tough Mudder seem like a walk in the park" 

Peter Bender

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