Superhuman Games: what's new for 2023!

Bristol's ultimate functional fitness endurance challenge and our longest-running event, Superhuman Games returns on Saturday 10th June 2023!

An epic day consisting of 5 gruelling challenges which test elements of functional fitness, endurance, obstacle course racing, military-style training and strongman in order to find the Superhuman Games champions!

Here are 3 exciting new additions to look out for at this year's event!

1) The return of non-stop 20 minute AMRAPs

For 2023, we've decided to remove the 9 minutes / 2 minutes rest / 9 minutes format and return to our original, non-stop 20 minute AMRAPs for all 5 workouts. So expect to be pushed to the limits on each workout as you work to complete as many rounds as possible in 20 much you rest will be up to you and your team.

Whilst the format may be changing slightly, the 5 workouts will still be as before so Strength & Honour, Brutal Beat Down, VO2 Max, Unconventional Beast and the Assault Course. So expect our signature blend of full body functional strength movements, unconventional odd object carries, primal bodyweight movements testing your mobility and agility and of course lots of running (to name but a few)!

We are currently hard at work testing the workouts for this year's event, they will be released at the start of March to give you all plenty of time to practice for the day.

2) Our new mixed pair category

Alongside our most popular categories: same sex pairs & 4 person mixed teams, we'll also be adding an all-new mixed pair category for 2023.

This has been a much requested addition over the last few years so we're buzzing to be able to finally introduce it and we can't wait to see which male/female pairing will take the inaugural Games crown in each age group.

3) It's our 10 year anniversary

You may have heard that Superhuman Games 2023 marks our 10 year anniversary of running this epic outdoor functional fitness competition. Why is this important...? Because we're going ALL OUT for this year to celebrate!

From adding new aspects of entertainment at the event, to programming challenges which are both a subtle throwback to previous Games' workouts but with some exciting and gruelling new to say, SHG23 will be the most memorable test of IRONWILL yet!

Watch this space but in the meantime...

Prices Rise on 1st February so book your spot to our anniversary Games as soon as possible to avoid paying more!


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