5 Simple Equipment Swaps To Train For The Superhuman Games In A Gym

Do you love the style of movements that we perform at Superhuman Games, but struggle to perform them in your gym? Then this is the blog for you! Here are 5 simple equipment swaps for you to try!

1) Tyre flips – It goes without saying that at Superhuman we love a tyre flip! However, unless you have your own or are lucky enough to be part of a gym that has heavy tyres then it can be quite challenging to practice the movement before the Games!

The Solution – The landmine clean and press

Using a landmine set up replicates the movement pattern, in particular the angled position that your body has to work in when performing a tyre flip. The small tweak of fixing the weight plates towards the edge of the barbell, rather than in its standard position, will force you to grip the plates from underneath which is arguably more similar to lifting a tyre. You can thank Andrew Tracey for this idea (be sure to check out his Instagram page @theandrew.tracey for a variety tips and tricks about all-things training)!

Video demonstration: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CIh0oKDH549/?utm_medium=copy_link

2) A Keg – This is such a great piece of equipment, it’s size, it’s awkwardness and the liquid moving about inside means that any movement requires a huge amount of core stabilisation. But again, you are unlikely to find them in a regular gym.

The Solution – The double plate pinch

In terms of replicating the keg’s awkwardness, the closest thing would probably be a half-full sandbag. But again, in the interest of sticking to equipment found in all gyms: grab 2 plates and hold them together in effectively a double pinch grip and give some of those keg movements a go. Holding the plates horizontally rather than vertically will go some way to replicating the forearm, bicep and back tension that occurs when holding onto a keg.

Video demonstrations:

G2OH: https://youtu.be/RnCoFFN8CAI

Carry: https://youtu.be/5rByKoZVpdQ

3) Farmers walks – Obviously, you could just use heavy dumbbells, but if you’re training the movement consistently you might find that you’ll progress beyond the heaviest dumbbells in the gym pretty quickly…

The Solution – Lifting slings

Now, I can’t take credit for this idea – this is again the genius of Andrew Tracey. You can buy yourself a pair of these industrial lifting slings for less than £10 online and make your very own DIY farmers handles. Once you have them to hand, grab the desired number of weight plates you wish to use, pull the lifting slings through the holes, so there is a handle on either side and you’re good to go.

Video demonstration: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4l_whLnu-K/?utm_medium=copy_link

4) Tyre pulls – Rope tyre pulls are a great exercise, however, again, unless you have the space and kit in the gym, it can be pretty hard to replicate the movement!

The Solution – Inverted towel rows

This inverted towel row replicates the pulling motion of tyre pulls, with the towel mimicking the forearm engagement that you get from pulling a rope. A further tweak would be to start each rep from a resting position on the floor, this would go some way to minimising the time spent in the eccentric (lowering) portion of the movement, which you don’t do when performing tyre pulls. Go for some big sets and get ready for a serious forearm pump!

Video demonstration: https://youtu.be/ssiC-4Dnls4

5) Long-distance carries - carries are a great functional movement and as a result are a staple of our programming. But again, long distance carries can be tricky to practice if you lack the space!

The Solution: A treadmill

If you don't have the room, using the endless belt of a treadmill can be a great alternative. If you have something like a TrueForm or an Assault treadmill where you are directly controlling the speed you are moving at, then even better! Obviously, I’m not suggesting you go for a farmers carry PR on a treadmill, but moderate weight sandbag and atlas ball carries on a treadmill are perfectly safe and a great way to get in a load of volume if you can't get outside!

Video demonstration: https://youtu.be/TfKiMwaErv4

Have fun Superhuman Athletes!

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By Luca Samara

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