X Race: Weston Beach - All You Need To Know!

After a successful first X Race event last September, our original outdoor fitness racing series is expanding to Weston-Super-Mare Beach on Saturday 18th May for our first X Race event of the year!

We've been getting lots of questions about this new beach event so we thought we'd answer the main ones in this blog.

1) Will it be the same course as X Race: Blaise Castle?

Short answer no it won't. We believe in creating events tailored to and that make the most of their specific locations. Using an exact copy of the X Race: Blaise Castle route simply would not do the Weston Beach location, and all the unique aspects that it offers, justice.

2) Ok...so different course but what sort of thing can I expect?

You can of course expect our trademark Superhuman-style that you find at all our events alongside some unique additions for this specific event. The X Race series is built around 3 pillars - functional fitness, mixed-terrain running & rucking.

So for Weston Beach, expect varying bouts of beach running and beach ruck running to really test your engine, combined with a unique series of functional fitness zones, each challenging you in different way! Put it this way, new location, new terrain but same goal - complete the course as quickly as possible. Those with the most well-rounded fitness will perform the best.

You will also have the same distance options as at Blaise Castle, so sprint, endurance & ultra so there's something for everyone!

The exact course for X Race: Weston Beach will be released in mid-February so you'll have plenty of time to practice the specific movements before the event.

3) Why the beach and will I have to swim at any point?

Why the beach? Why not?! We did say mixed-terrain running after all!

X Race: Blaise Castle tested your trail running skills so it's only right that X Race: Weston Beach has a slightly different focus. Beach running is truly unique and a lot more demanding than you may initially think, so be sure to give it a go before the event!

And no, you will NOT be required to swim at any point on this course.

If you're interested in hearing a bit more about the wider X Race series and it's future, be sure to give this UK.HXR Fitness Racing podcast a quick listen with our Event Director, Luca. You can access the episode here and the conversation with Luca starts at 35 minutes & 50 seconds.

4) Will X Race: Blaise Castle still be taking place in 2024?

Yup! Our Weston Beach event is an addition to the X Race series rather than a replacement. We absolutely loved September's X Race: Blaise Castle event and it's here to stay as part of the Superhuman calendar.

& for those of you that really want to challenge yourselves, we have an X Race: Season Pass that gives you access to both X Race events in 2024, all for a discounted price!

So what are you waiting for?

Secure your spots to our X Race Season here, whether it's Weston Beach, Blaise Castle or both, we can't wait to see you there!


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