X Race Is Coming: 4 Reasons You Need To Be There

With the FIRST-EVER X Race just over a month away, here are 4 reasons you need to get yourself signed up to this EPIC outdoor functional fitness racing extravaganza today!

1) How Good Is Your Engine?

X Race is a slick combination of functional fitness, trail running, ruck running & obstacles. This not only makes the challenge super-exciting as it blends different elements of fitness but it also makes for a potent test of your engine (i.e. your cardio)!

Sure you can perform heavy carries, maybe chuck a sandbag over your shoulder no problem or perform burpees for days, but can you do all of these things back to back, without rest and especially after hitting Blaise Castle's amazing trails?

2) Superhuman Games-inspired Functional Zones

Speaking of sandbags...the X RACE format has it's origins in the 5 Superhuman Games challenges. Each functional zone on the X Race route is directly inspired by one of the 5 workouts at our flagship event. You'll be tackling elements of Unconventional Beast, Brutal Beat Down, VO2 Max, Strength & Honour & finally the Assault Course.

So if you love the Games, you're going to love X Race!

Check out the full course route here.

3) It's highly trainable

Another unique aspect of X Race is just how trainable it is. We've pre-released the route, the challenges & the weights months in advance so everyone knows exactly what to expect and can train for it with their friends.

In true Superhuman-style, we've also chosen movements that are low-skill yet challenging and more importantly, trainable in pretty much all gym environments.

Put simply: X Race is an event that anyone can enter & train for, you just need to be willing to work hard.

Check out our FREE training plan here.

4) Race it your way!

There are 3 distances that you can enter at X Race, each with 6 categories to choose from! So when we say there's a route for every type of fitness racer, we really mean it!

You can take on the 4k Sprint, the 8k Endurance or the 16k Ultra.

Each distance includes the same functional fitness zones, what varies is the distance of the trail run & ruck run or the number of times you complete the entire course.

You can enter individually or with friends, competitively or just for fun - it really is up to you!

PRICES RISE 1ST SEPTEMBER so secure your spot to September's X Race here ASAP to avoid paying more!

X Race: Battle at Blaise will take place at Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol on Saturday 23rd September.


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