Superhuman Games


Our 12 week Programs are focused on improvng your overall functional fitness and edurance whilst simultaneously helping you lose body fat and improve your body shape along the way.

The programs have been put together by our experienced coaching teams consisting of previous SHG winners, strength and conditioning coaches and our sports nutritionists.

You do not need to be taking part in Superhuman Games in order to benefit from our fitness programs and you should be able to follow your program at your usual training facility.

As well as the training programs you will also be given a nutritional guide that will help to ensure you are fuelling your workouts well.

Three easy steps:

  • 1. You fill out our fact finding questionnaire and send it back to us
  • 2. We send you your 12 week exercise plan
  • 3. You smash it!

You will have access to your coach via email throughout the 12 program and he/she will support you with anything you need.

Costs: £59.99

To get yourself a SH 12 week program please email us at

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